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A collection of community documents are available for download in this area. The designated username and password must be used to enable download of any of these documents.

The documents can be downloaded in Acrobat (PDF) format. To view or print these files, either a PDF Browser Plug-in or Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. The Browser Plug-in, once installed, will enable viewing and printing of PDF file in the browser window. The Acrobat Reader is a separate application that opens PDF files. If neither of these utilities is installed on your computer, you can download them free from Adobe Systems.

Owner Information - Management must have owner information on file along with pet info and keys or codes to your properties for fire or water emergency only access. Please complete our online form with this information asap.

Opt-In for a quarterly visual inspection of your Giant Steps unit as it relates to potential water damage.

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Rules & Regulations
Rules and Regulations - 136k - updated 2019

The Utah Condominium Ownership Act may also be a helpful reference for Homeowners.
2022-2023 Homeowners Umbrella Policy - 516 k

Joe Winslow Agency, Inc.
Joe Windslow, Agent
Mesquite, NV 89027-4806
phone: 702-905-4073

2022-2023 Condominium Liability Policy - 1.3MB

Giant Steps Owners Association CC&Rs
Articles of Incorporation - 820k
Bylaws - Exhibit B - 1.8MB
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions - 7.2 MB
Amended and Expanded Declaration of Condominium - 680k - added 2/2004
Amended CC&Rs - 176k - recorded 5-09-2012
The CC&Rs can also be downloaded in sections - see the breakdown table below.
Table of Contents 392k
Recitals 312k
3. Article I Definitions 516k
4. Article II Submission and Division of Project 168k
5. Article III Buildings and Improvements 320k
6. Article IV Expansion of Project 496k
7. Article V Nature and Incidents of Condominium Ownership 492k
8. Article VI Easements 324k
9. Article VII Restrictions on Use 320k
10. Article VIII The Association 320k
11. Article IX Certain Rights and Obligations of the Association 480k
12. Article X Assessments 668k
13. Article XI Insurance 640k
14. Article XII Damage or Destruction 476k
15. Article XIII Condemnation 460k
16. Article XIV Obsolescence 336k
17. Article XV Mortgage Protection 664k
18. Article XVI Compliance with Declaration and Bylaws 160k
19. Article XVII General Provisions 420k
Units, Undivided Ownership Interests and Votes - Exhibit A 108k
Bylaws - Exhibit B 1.8MB

Easement originally recorded 2002 476k

Easement Amendment recorded 2004 186k

Second Amendment to Ski Access Easement recorded April 2014 609k

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